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16. 10 Tips to Curb Your Post-Vacation or End of Summer Blues

August 16, 2021

Do you ever feel blah for days on end after you get home from vacation?  Or even just now as kids go back to school and we approach the end of summer?  

Here are 10 super practical tips to curb those post vacation blues and dive back into your happiness lifestyle, enjoying the fruits of authentic positive thinking and stellar self-care!  

Today's Takeaways:

  1. Post vacation blues are real; but be mindful of who you seek support from.  
  2. Plan ahead, if, and where, you can.
  3. Get your body moving but give yourself time to rebuild after you get home.
  4. Jet lag, flight fatigue, car exhaustion is real - and although you are close to being a super woman, you too will be affected by them.  
  5. Buy a water bottle, mug, or glass to hydrate from when you get home.
  6. Have something from your trip to trip your senses. 
  7. Intentionally reminisce over photos during coffee or dinner.
  8. Incorporate little things into your day that intentionally bring you joy.
  9. Don’t take it out on others.  
  10. The 72 Hour Rule!

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