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15. How to shine through the brokenness! Brigette Heller explores how to change your thoughts to change your life.

August 9, 2021

Are you ready to shine?  In this interview, Brigette Heller, founder of The Strong and Capable, explores how to change your thoughts in order to change your life, regardless of, yet deeply aware of, what is going on around you.  She shares her transformation through anxiety, postpartum depression, trauma and physical pain to self-care, creativity, grace and honesty… all while finding the beauty in the brokenness.  This honest and open interview will surely inspire and ignite your own journey to joy in the face of life’s everyday challenge and stress.  Key takeaways: 

  1.     You have the power to change your thoughts and rewrite your life.
  2.     The moment you say, “Don’t need that; I’m good,” and let it go is often the moment you get the thing you are seeking.  
  3.     True strength is knowing when to push, knowing when to pull; knowing when to keep going, knowing when to rest, knowing how to keep your tank full instead of empty.
  4.     You are not serving the people you love when you sacrifice your own self-care.  
  5.     Boundaries are critical to self-care.
  6.     Life is not lived in the extremes.  It is lived in the middle.  
  7.     You have so much knowledge within you.  It’s less about learning new tools and more about putting the tools you have into action. 
  8.     Healing comes from the inside out.
  9.     Journaling is the bridge between your mind and your heart.
  10. It’s really ok to rock it! 
  11. Your most authentic self is your most beautiful self.
  12. And, of course, GLITTER shines brighter than gold BECAUSE it is broken.

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