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18. Ten Tips to Transform Your Morning Routine! Re-tool your morning routine within the first fifteen minutes.

September 21, 2021

Morning routines boost happiness, reduce stress, increase productivity and create a solid foundation to launch you into your day.  But it can be hard to create an effective one, let alone stick to it.  As I am re-tooling my morning routine now that none of my kids are at home, I thought I’d share some of my favorite tips for transforming your morning routine.  Here are a few key takeaways from today’s episode:

  1. You have a morning routine, it just may not be very supportive.
  2. There are things you cannot change about your morning, but you DO have influence and impact on what you pack into your morning routine.
  3. An ‘alarm’ is designed to trigger your fight or flight instinct.  Think about that; maybe not the most peaceful way to start your day.  
  4. Feel all four corners of your feet on the floor, the very first thing, to ground you into your day.
  5. The synapsis in your brain will fire differently if you do NOT look at your cell phone first thing. 
  6. Both a short routine and long routine can meet all your essential start-your-day needs.  
  7. Don’t give up on a morning routine just because you aren’t a morning person.
  8. Commitment to your morning routine begins the night before.
  9. Hydration, movement, mediation - some is better than none. 
  10. Pick one area of improvement in your morning routine and just work on that one thing.
  11. Perfection is NOT the goal!

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