Finally Effing Happy™ - A podcast for kick-ass women living with chronic illness.

11. Happiness Hack: 3 Top Tricks to Reset Your Mindset and Start Your Day Even When You Feel Like Crap

June 4, 2021

How do you start your day when you feel like crap?  Especially when you are feeling like crap because you made some bad choices….  like Hershey Bars and Graham Cracker Ice Cream.  YUM!  Shan had a sugar-fest, for a few weeks, and is paying for it dearly.

It can be food.  It can be lack of sleep.  It can be doing too much.  As women living with chronic conditions,  we make dozens of choices each day that impact how well, or not, we are going to feel physically.  Which then impacts how much we like ourselves and how much we can get done.  

If you want more self-compassion and less self-critic, have a listen to these 3 top tricks for resetting your mindset, getting into motion, and turning the corner so you feel better (or at least well enough to get your day started!) both mentally and physically.  


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