Finally Effing Happy™ - A podcast for kick-ass women living with chronic illness.

13. Happiness Hack: Manage Your Bandwidth NOT Your Time. How to find more time & energy managing your bandwidth rather than your time.

June 16, 2021

Stop managing your time and start managing your bandwidth!  My guess is you have less time and less energy than you would like.  If that’s you, ditch the time management and start managing your bandwidth.  You know you best.  You know what you do and don’t have capacity for.  Be honest with yourself!  Schedule your self-care first.  Start by writing down your fundamental needs.  Because there is zero sustainability if you are not taking care of your self-care needs first.  Behind every no there is a yes.  And mindset strategies are as important to bandwidth management as smart calendaring skills. You are enough!  You are doing enough!  Calendar with a nourishing, nurturing heart.   


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