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12. Toolbox Talk: Never Let Disability Keep You From Your Dreams! An Interview with Alison Hayes, Founder of Thriving While Disabled

June 10, 2021

Never Let Disability Keep You From Your Dreams!
Managing Medical Care to Mindset… & Everything In-Between
An Interview with Alison Hayes, Founder of Thriving While Disabled

Alison Hayes, Founder of Thriving While Disabled, is as passionate as I am that dreams are possible even if you live with chronic illness.  

In this interview we talk about everything from managing medical care to mindset… including, prioritizing, finding doctor right, information overload, social welfare systems, and staying in the now.  She talks honestly about the embarrassment and shame people can have when needing to learn more about social welfare programs.  She is a font of personal and professional knowledge to help you on your chronic illness journey so that you, too, can live your dreams, even if, especially if, you live with a chronic condition.  A few takeaways from today’s episode: 

  1. Start where you are at and work from there.  
  2. Online communities and organizations specific to your diagnosis are a good place to start, and anchor yourself, when gathering information.   
  3. Use google docs or notes to list your two or three go-to websites so when you are in the middle of brain fog you can quickly and clearly find those references. 
  4. Social welfare programs like Disability, SSI, Snap Benefits, may be a part of your health equation, and, although there may be some embarrassment or shame about getting more information, it’s ok to ask for help.  
  5. Treat your chronic illness management like a job. 
  6. It helps to stay in right now.  In other words, don’t live in the ‘wreckage of your future’, getting anxious about things that have not happened and may never happen. 
  7. Beyond your health management, pick one thing you really love, and just do that one thing for right now.  
  8. Your goal is to see the fewest number of doctors possible while being the best health possible.
  9. Don’t let your chronic illness keep you from living the life of your dreams.


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